The RUYA Essentials Story

 All I had was a DREAM, NEED, and BURNING DESIRE to fulfill a passion!

 In 2007, I founded RUYA Enterprises, LLC (The Proud Manufacture and distributor of RUYA  Essentials, Nana G’s Baby and AMANI ONE products), with one goal in mind….to  develop a skin care, body care, and hair care line that I was dreaming about that did not exist on  the market. In fact, RUYA means “dream.” So, I traveled all over the world  researching various spa products and ingredients.

I went from Tokyo to South Africa;  from Morocco to Mozambique, and every place I visited, I picked up new ideas, ingredients, and techniques, and added them to my test products. I worked with chemists and manufacturers to help me come up with few samples. The goal was that “one day” I would have my own spa and product lines sold in the spa. 

 The goal of owning my own spa and product line was merely to fill a need that I had. I loved luxury ingredients but I wanted wellness and beauty products that were practical! Then in 2011, I got married and had a beautiful baby girl and my desire for my dream  product line became a priority. Now, it was not just about developing a product line  for me. I wanted the best for my family. Both my husband and daughter have problems with their skin, and the products on the market just did not satisfy all of our various needs.  So, I had a stronger desire to get my products into the mainstream market.

Thankfully, I have a loving and supportive husband that does not mind me having my own business and something outside of the marital responsibilities that at times takes time away from him. Instead, he selflessly, “pushed” me into my destiny so that I can fulfill a RUYA!

So what makes RUYA Essentials so special? Simply put, RUYA Essentials are the luxury daily-use products you dream of! Its love in a bottle! We do not use any Parabens; No Petroleum; No Artificial Colors. And you can feel the RUYA  love when you use it! 

So…What’s Your RUYA?

Maisha Scott Glover,

Founder & President of RUYA Enterprises, LLC