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Exotic Dry Oil Blend For Face, Body, and Hair


Our Exotic Dry Oil Blend for FACE, BODY, and HAIR, is an all-natural dry oil blend to protect, soften, and nourish the skin and hair. From the deserts of Morocco to the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa, this exotic blend of organic, cold pressed oils traps moisture and provides prolonged hydration, penetrating quickly and leading to noticeable improvements in skins elasticity and firmness with consistent use. When used on the hair, AMANI ONE boosts hair shine and helps reverse damage to hair follicles restoring softness and strength to hair. Simply shake to blend and place a pea-size drop into the palm of your hands. Pat onto your face, neck, and elsewhere on your body or use it as a fast absorbing daily moisturizer. Suitable for all skin types. To use it on your hair, run the oil between your hands and smooth through hair, specifically treating the scalp and ends of hair.

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A1 Face Body Hair Dry Oil.jpg